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General Club Information
NorthWest N-Trak is an N scale, modular model railroad club. Using the NTRAK, Inc. standards, members are able to easily assemble a large layout for a weekend of operation from small, individual components (generally two-foot by four-foot modules). In fact, our modules are compatible with others around the world.

Founded in 1993, the NorthWest N-Trak club exhibited four bare corner modules in that first year. Since then, we have completed over 35 club-owned and member-owned modules. There are currently over 50 members. We have an open admission policy and are actively seeking new members regardless of level of expertise.

Modeling Concept
Members are free to design their modules as they desire as long as the NTRAK, Inc. track and electrical standards are followed. Our club has standardized on recommended ballast colors. We are now encouraging our members to coordinate their scenes with those of other members, but this is not mandatory. Many of our modules represent the Midwest, although members are free to model any locale or railroad.

Future Plans
We are using DCC on one of the three tracks. At a recent set-up session, we operated the trains on this line in as realistic a manner as possible. This went very well, and we plan to continue to do this. We want to increase the number of individually owned modules, giving us more running distance and industries to switch. We have started a module building class in order that all members who desire to have a module will be able to. We hope to set up at least five or six times per year. Some members are building home layouts, and we will be operating on those when they are completed.

Contacting the Club
E-Mail    "clubinfo (at)"

or  NorthWest N-Trak
     420 Orchard Street
     Unit 215
     Antioch, Illinois

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