Volume 25 Number 1
September 2017



The August annual meeting has come and gone for another year. There being no new candidates for the board we did not have a election and the board remains the same for the next year. We did have a vote amending the bylaws that allows for mail in voting at any future annual meeting that has more candidates than positions to fill. I would like to thank everyone who came and brought items for our pot luck lunch. Iíd also like to remind anybody who has yet to do so your dues for the next year are now due. We did have the new throttles out on the layout but we were having some problems with them. It turns out we had some wiring issues in the layout which should be corrected by the September meeting and weíll try them again. We did have some extra hot dogs, unopened chips and pop left over. The dogs and buns are frozen at Jimís house and we will have hot dogs at the OCTOBER meeting.

There might be a unofficial road trip of sorts to MLES. We will let you know if a group gets together. We have a update on Trainfest. There will be a good sized T Trak layout. There will also be a small N Trak layout similar in size to want we have at ASC. We were considering the lake county show do to the problems with Trainfest. It turns out this year it is 12/30 and 31. I cannot see the logic of these dates and think the show will be a real bust from the vender aspect. They didnít have much in the way of layouts last year and I think it will be even less if not none this year. So far we have not heard anything from the High Wheeler people and it doesnít seem likely there will be a show again this year. In the it just keeps getting better department there has been some sort of scheduling conflict and there apparently will not be a Kenosha show next year. Please keep your ears open for any show in the area we might participate in.

We now have a new updated N Trak manual, it is kept in the power box. It had come to our attention that there were some problems with the club website. We went over the site and made some updates and changes.

The next meeting is Saturday September 16th. The doors will open by 2:00pm and maybe earlier. If they will be earlier there will be a yahoo group email.


Hoping to see you on the 16th





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