Volume 27 Number 11
July 2020



Another show bites the dust! Trainfest the last show that hadn’t been cancelled in 2020 has now been officially cancelled. Also all Worlds’ Greatest Hobby shows have been cancelled until 2022. The board has voted to cancel the previously postponed Richmond library show. We will hope to schedule a date for next spring.

The news is not all bad though! When this is all over we have a line on a place to run! It is in a basement in Crystal Lake but it is available. More details to follow when the pandemic abates.

The annual meeting has been changed to a Webex meeting. You can either use a phone or the internet, one limitation is the time of the meeting is limited to 50 minutes. We will be sending out instructions in the next newsletter and through the yahoo email. This will be more of a listening meeting than group participation due to our restrictions. Dick and Pat are running for their current seats on the board, if anyone would like to run you have until July 11th to notify the board. Don’t forget if you’re a paid up member your membership is good to August 2021. If anyone is feeling generous we would gladly accept a donation.

Remember with everything closed or canceled this is a great time to work on or build a module or two.


Stay Safe and Well





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