Volume 26 Number 11
July 2019



Well the N Scale Enthusiasts show is now a thing of the past. A great big thank you to everybody who was involved, especially to those who helped with transportation, set up, and tear down. For those who came to run you were rewarded with a larger layout than it seemed on paper. Also after some debugging on Friday morning the best running show layout we had in years! The new throttles were in use on the red line and worked perfectly. Both the red and yellow lines ran with no drop offs or slow zones. DCC ran with the computer handling all the smart phone throttles. Again there weren’t any issues once we got out the kinks. A big thank you to Les from the Heritage group for helping me gets to the source of the problems. We will be making permanent repairs to the reversible small corners to see that we don’t have these issues in the future. At the show we allowed any of the convention attendees to run a train but still the layout was underutilized. In fact on Saturday there was a time when only my seven car Amtrak train was out running. Saturday after the show we were short of help and didn’t get out until 5:45 pm. I didn’t pull into my driveway until 9:55 pm. Not to good for a show that ended at 4:00pm. We had two of the modules contest winners in our layout. Rob S from Heritage took third place with his narrow gauge module. Also Eric M. from Mantrak won second place with his operating N scale race track modules.

We have been invited to join Mantrak at the MLES in Cedarburg Wisconsin on Sunday August 11th at 11:00 am. Mantrak will be providing hot dogs and they ask any attendee’s to bring something to pass around. MLES is a 7 ˝ inch ride on railroad for those who haven’t visited in the past.

The next show is a T Trak layout at the Monroe show on September 28th and 29th.

We are considering doing a T Trak show at the Grayslake show on December 28th and 29th. We will be discussing this at the next meeting to gauge interest. Being between the holidays makes it a little tricky.

The annual meeting will be August 17th at Joe’s office in Palatine. The club will be providing hot dogs and buns as we did last year. After the July meeting I will be sending out the usual picnic list email for something to pass. This year Paul, Matt, and Jim were up for election. We had put out the word if anybody was interested in running for the board to contact us before the July board meeting. This is so if anyone would like to run we can do mail out balloting so everyone would get a chance to vote. This year there was not anyone who wanted to glamour of serving on the board. Since Paul, Matt, and Jim all had decided run again there will not be an election. We will also be having a swap meet at the annual meeting and Pat will give a small clinic on the new throttles and how they work. If anybody else would like to do a clinic just let the board know.

The July regular meeting will be Saturday July 20th at 3:00pm. The meeting will be held at Joe’s office in Palatine.


Happy Railroading





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