Volume 26 Number 01
September 2018



Last month we had our annual meeting at Joe's office complex. We had a good sized T Trak layout on the big table where we usually have our meetings. The Kids Trak layout also made its debut. The larger layout was DCC and the smaller K Trak layout was DC. We also had our picnic lunch albeit only hot dogs this year. Still we had a good turnout and a big thank you to everyone who brought something. Also I would like to give a big thank you to Joe M. for setting up and allowing us to use the space. Also thank you to Bob M. for a clinic on 3D printing, I can see this becoming really popular as the technology advances and the price comes down for high quality printers. A reminder if you could not make it that your dues are due for the next year, the dues remains at $42. We did not have an election this year because we did not have any new candidates, therefore your board remains the same as it was last year.

The next show coming up is Monroe Wisconsin. This is not a full club show but Mantrak will be up there this year with some of our members acting independently. Please note this year will only be a T Trak setup. Trainfest will be coming up November 10th & 11th with setup on the 9th. Please let Jim O. know if you have modules you would like included. The space for Trainfest has returned to the large size in the past.

Speaking of Trainfest we will need to rent a cargo van to transport modules to the show. We will also need a driver. Since we have the monthly expenditure of rent now we are asking for any donations you might be willing to make to help with this endeavor. Any donation large or small would help. We will also need to rent a truck for the WGH show and a driver for same. The WGH folks will help us with truck rental plus we hope to have a raffle to not only cover our cost but if successful future transportation costs.

We have not heard of a MLES date but if there is to be one it will go out over yahoo email.


Happy Model Railroading





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