Volume 26 Number 09
May 2019



We are going to have a one day T Trak show at the Nippersink Public Library in Richmond Ill. The set up for the show will take place on Friday May 17th from 2:00pm until 5:00pm. The show will run Saturday May 18th from 9:00am until 4:00pm, tear down will be from 4:00pm until 5:00pm. The library is located at the south end of Richmond just east of US 12 on Hill Road. There is a sign on US 12 indicating where you should turn. The full address is 5418 Hill Road, Richmond Illinois. There was talk at the April meeting of having a meeting during the show at two pm. The board decided that that would take away from the show so we are canceling the May meeting.

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Nippersink Public Library in Richmond Ill

The May meeting was to be the annual road trip meeting. We had voted at the March meeting to go to the South Elgin Trolley Museum. The museum does not open on Saturdays until July, due to the show, motherís day, and Memorial Day there was not a good Sunday in May. We decided at the April meeting to hold our gathering on Sunday June 9th. There will not be a meeting, just check out the museum and take a couple of trolley rides. If you remember from last year this is the museum that had the horrific vandalism to most of their cars. They have repaired several of the cars but are still working on them. We will meet at the depot at noon if you would like to go. The address is 365 South LaFox Street ( Ill RT. 31 ) South Elgin Illinois.

We have the annual meeting coming up in August. There are three positions up for election on the board this year. The current board members whose terms are up are going to run again in August. If you would like to run for the board we need to know 14 days before the July board meeting. That would be June 28th this year, right in the middle of the NSE show. The annual meeting will be as last years with hot dogs and pot luck. We will also have a swap meet for those interested. If someone would like to do a clinic please let us know.

We are still waiting to hear if there will be space available in Palatine. There is another possibility that one of our members is keeping an eye on. Weíll let you know if we hear anything.

The June meeting will take place at a private location on June 22nd. Possible train running, in both N scale and large scale. Stay tuned from more info. This location also gives us the opportunity to stage the club items that will be going to the NSE show.

This brings me to the N Scale Enthusiastís Show. The show will run from Wednesday June 26th until Saturday June 29th. The tentative plan for Wednesday June 26th is to meet at Georgeís at about 2:00 pm to load. We will then drive down to the hotel with one probable stop en route to pick up one additional boxed module set. The layout room is open from 1pm until 6pm for bringing in equipment. The layout room will be open from 7am until 11:00pm Thursday for set up and testing, I would hope we donít need that much time! The plan now is to meet at about 9:00am Thursday to set up. On Friday the show is open for the convention people only from 9am until noon, the show will be open to the public from noon until 4:30pm. On Saturday the show will be open to the public from 8:00am until 4:30 pm. Tear down will be immediately after running Saturday. We will then transport back to Georgeís garage. This show is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont. The address is 5440 North River Road Rosemont Illinois. The hotel is the former Holiday Inn across the street from the Donald E. Stephenís Convention Center. The parking is expensive at the hotel. When we used to have the iHobby show at the convention center most of us used to park at the CTA Rosemont station and walked, although even that is now $5. You may want to consider car pooling in you donít want to walk that far.


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