Volume 26 Number 07
March 2019



Here we are heading into March which is defiantly coming in like a lion. We were finally able to vacate the storage facility in Richmond and have everything stored at Georgeís garage. This will save us the cost of renting the storage unit at least until fall. A very big thank you to George S. for allowing us to use his garage. We will need to meet at Georgeís probably sometime in April, we will have to move our modules to the side so Mikeís brother get his car out. Since we only have to move the modules to the side it would be possible to do this on a rainy day. Stay tuned for an announcement.

In the hopes of finding a new home Pat F. made some inquires about vacant stores in strip malls. Unfortunately these did not pan out and we will have to continue the think outside the bun. Please keep your eyes and ears open to any possibility. We have had other members who have looked into a couple of possibilities but they did not work out either.

We had our February meeting at Midwest N Pioneers. We were allowed to operate on the layout which is all DCC . We will discuss some possibility of further cooperation at the March meeting. The January meeting was to be held at Midwest N but had to be canceled due to weather. That brings me to another idea the board has. We are trying to work out a way we can text everyone if we have to cancel a meeting. This would allow for more of a last minute cancelation due to something like flooding rains. Those of you who have been in the club for some time probably remember the picture of Bob F. at Bensenville with the water up to his knees.

Our next big show is going to be the N scale enthusiast June 27th to the 29th. We now have a larger space still 24 feet wide but 68 feet down one side. There was the stand by show in Belvidere which would have been T Trak only. We have not heard from them and have passed the point of no return, so even if they call we donít have the time. By the time you read this we have just participated in the Delavan show with Mantrak, another T Trak only set up. There was also a possibility of a show at the Volo Auto museum, that one is not going to happen as they found another use for the space. We still might have a T Trak set up at the Richmond library.

We have a road trip meeting scheduled for the month of May. As of now there is no set date or location. Suggestions at the February meeting included IRM, South Elgin Trolley museum, East Troy Trolley, Rochelle, and a live steam location. We will have to discuss this at the March meeting. If there is another place or railroad related event over the summer let us know asap. We can move the road trip to another month for something good, preferably not a 90 + day in July. But September and October could work.

Ken P. is willing to give his two four foot modules new homes. They are the ones that were in the basement on the side in Antioch. They feature a double loop of private trackage in the back and are wider than two feet. These modules would be free to someone who would love and rebuild them. They do need extensive work but would be great in a show. If interested contact Ken or myself.


Happy Railroading





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