Volume 25 Number 3
November 2017


Hi Everyone

By now most of you know that we have “lost our lease”. In spite of the distance for most of us The ACS was a good deal for the club as we did not have to pay any rent. Paul the guy who runs the ASC did not have anything to do with us having to leave. The decision was made by his bosses after debating the issue for a while. I would like to thank Paul for his hospitality over the years and we had a good run. For the short term are fortunate that George is offering enough space in his garage to store pretty much most of our club owned stuff. We will be officially be moving out on Saturday November 18th . We will be meeting at 11:00 am to move everything to George’s garage. George is only about a mile from ASC so everything should go fast. The meeting will take place at ASC at 3:00pm . The December pizza party meeting and swap meet will also be at ASC on December 16th. We are penciled in for upstairs and could even do a small T trak if there is any interest. Meetings in the future are open at this time. We do have an offer from Joe M. to use his office in Palatine so certainly some meetings will be there. Of course we could even get lucky and have a new home by then. Speaking of new homes we need all our members to keep their eyes open for any possibilities. We need to think outside the bun. If anyone knows of open space in a church basement or maybe an old school that they are renting out classrooms that might be an option. Anywhere we go that will require us to pay any sort of rent will require a dues increase. With this in mind the board would really like to know how much you would be willing to pay. We of course would want a space we can have a layout set up to run on. If we can do this and be closer to the metro area we might even get some new members and / or old ones back. Another advantage of closer digs is the weekday work session. Anyway we do have a couple of things we are looking at and we’ll keep you posted. But please give us any leads you might come across.

Also most of you know about our lack of shows. I would like to look into the possibility of us doing a show on our own. This was brought up before by one of our honorary members. We need to find someone who has space and maybe wants some sort of attraction to bring in business for his venture. Something along the lines of want we used to do at Charlestowne Mall. I would think of doing something starting in March so we don’t have to worry as much about weather. Again if any members have any idea’s for a venue please bring it to our attention.

We do have our abbreviated version of Trainfest this year. We are meeting at ASC on Friday November 10th at 10:00 am to load for the show. The show is November 11th and 12th. Mantrak is still hosting the Saturday night diner so please see Jim O. if you are interested. Even though this is a small layout for N Trak it is the last show for a while and might be worth your while to head up. If you are in to T Trak then your layout will be close to what you are used to. I believe Kato was influential in getting the T Trak space. They had another contest in Japan this year and the winners are going to Trainfest. If you are going and will not be at setup Friday, on Saturday call Jim. If you go on Sunday call Paul. Even though we are small this year we still will need help with setup and teardown.

Last month we received a very generous donation from a man who is downsizing and relocating. Some of these items will be available to bid on starting on November 18th the day of the next meeting. You can email your bids to auction at nwntrak dot org. The bidding will take place until 11:59 pm on December 15 the day before the December pizza party meeting. The items for this auction are as follows. Two oak wall hanging nscale display cases each holds around 100 cars. They are around 38 – 40 inches square. They will be at ASC for inspection early on the 18th before the November meeting. The opening bids for the cases are $50 each. Also we have the corner layout that is very meticulously sceniced. I don’t have precise measurements at this time but it was in the corner of a small room. There is a yard that comes off the layout. The opening bid for the layout is $100. It will require some work to set back up as it was not module designed, It will need new legs and wire reconnecting but it is a very good looking layout. We also have a solid wood desk that was used as a base for the yard. The yard being elevated over the work surface. This desk is free to anyone who wants it. It must be out of ASC by the 18th and you are responsible to transport it. If multiple people would want the desk we would have a quick auction for it. Lastly we have a sizable collection of freight cars. These will be sold at the December meeting for $ 5 each, all cars appear to have MT couplers.






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