Volume 27 Number 4
December 2019


Seasonís Greetings

The Holiday season is fast approaching and itís once again time to make our lists for Santa Claus. I would imagine many of you are hoping to find the new Kato CN&W 400 under the tree. I asked for the DDC and sound version, we shall see.

The December Holiday Extravaganza otherwise known as the December meeting will be Saturday December 14th. The doors will be open at noon and the meeting will take place at the Palatine location. As always this year will have our pizza party after the meeting. There will be a small clinic from Bob M. on advances in 3D printing. There will be a swap meet for anyone who wishes to sell anything. For those who would like to run we will have a T Trak set up on the big table. Business wise will be making the final preparations for the Grayslake show December 28th & 29th.

The Grayslake show mentioned above will be T Trak only. However it will be a large display with other groups invited to participate. Joe M. is the coordinator. There should be one large layout and a smaller one. There will be at least one line always DC for non DCC equipped trains. Set up will be Friday afternoon; the times will be finalized at the December meeting.

One other thing we want to start looking at is ideas for our road trip this year. Usually we donít start thinking of it until spring. This year letís all keep our eyes open for something interesting. If anyone sees or hears of interesting possibilities please let us know. Date can be changed for something really good.

I would like to remind everyone that we do not allow alcohol of any kind at meetings or shows. This is in the bylaws. Even if we are doing a show at a venue that has concessions the sell alcohol we still do not allow it.


Happy holidays to all!





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