Volume 27 Number 9
May 2020



I very much hope this month's message finds everybody in good health. I have not heard of any of our members having to deal with COVID-19 and I hope that is the fact. The year 2020 is among other things turning into the year of the canceled train show. Both of the big shows this summer in St. Louis and Nashville have been canceled. The Wheaton swap as been canceled for April and May and probably will be for June as well. There would not have been a July show due to the Dupage County Fair which is probably canceled too. We had to cancel the April and May meetings and now have decided to cancel the June meeting as well. As of now Trainfest is still on but that too can change.

Now for some more positive news, the board reinstated the May board meeting which was held via a conference call. The first item we discussed was the election this August. There will be two positions open on the board this year. Both Pat and Dick decided to run again this August. If any club member would like to run they need to contact the board by July 11th 2020. If there are no other candidates at that time then we won’t have an election. We will have a board meeting in June to keep up on current events as they may change. We will be trying a different type of meeting via phone / internet and if it works well we may try a regular meeting. As of now the June regular meeting is canceled.

One last thing we discussed was the dues. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have realized we have not had much to offer our members in a while. We also realize the immediate future may be somewhat lacking for activity, we also have not had a lot of expenses either. The board therefore voted to extend all current fiscal 2020 members due to expire on August 31st 2020 until August 31st. 2021. We will not be collecting dues for fiscal 2021; of course if anybody would like to make a donation we would gladly accept it.


Happy Railroading





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