Volume 25 Number 5
January 2018


President's Message for January 2018

Happy Winter everyone. Hopefully Santa left a bunch of new trains under your tree this year. Unfortunately he left my trains in his bag this year. Now that the holidays are over we need to get down to the business of finding a new home for the club. We have been given a couple of leads but we have no solid possibilities at this time. Again we have to ask all club members to keep their eyes and ears open. Even a little time looking at the internet could turn into something. At the very least we are going to have to have a new place for storage set up by March. We are very grateful to George for the use of his garage but that is only temporary.

We had our annual Holiday meeting in December at ASC. A big thank you to Bob M. for a very informative clinic on T Trak modules. Also thanks to Bob for getting the clubs Kids Trak modules going. Several members took some of these modules home to scenic. We also handed out the donated T Trak modules to members who wanted some. For now every member is entitled to two on a first come first served basis. They will be at the January meeting for those who could not make it in December. There will also be Kids track modules if you want to scenic one. We also had a large sale of donated things to the club. Thank you to everyone who made purchases. Being a swap meet we also had other members selling items. We finished up with pizza as usual although they kind of screwed up the order this year.

One major item we have that did not sell is the donated layout. We are now looking for a permanent home for this layout. It does need new legs and needs to be put back together but still has great scenery. We are willing to donate this layout to someone or a group who is willing to put it back together and take care of it. Please contact the board if you know of anyone who has interest.

The January and February meetings will be held at a Private Members Only Location in Palatine Illinois.

Anyone looking to build at new N Trak module or two? The club has two six foot modules kits for sale. They easily could be cut down to four foot if you want to. Contact the board if you are interested.


Happy Railroading





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