Volume 27 Number 3
November 2019



Due to a very hectic schedule coming up for myself I am writing this in late October. Iím hoping Trainfest went well and I would like to thank everyone for all of their help. Hopefully our DCC system worked well and we were able to run DCC trains at Trainfest for the first time in a long while.

We held the October regular meeting in Antioch at the senior center. Before the meeting we met at Georgeís house to move the clubs equipment to the other side of the garage. The good news we will be able to store our modules and other equipment in Georgeís garage this winter. We are still putting out feelers in the hope of finding a new place to set up. Unfortunately we are running into the usual problem, people actually want real money for their space. If anybody comes across any possibilities please let us know.

The next show after Trainfest will be at the Lake County Fairgrounds. Set up will be Friday December 27th and the Show will be Saturday and Sunday December 28 & 29. This is going to be a T Trak only show. Joe M. is the layout coordinator. We can have all the tables we need, so if you would like your T Trak modules included there will be plenty of room. We are inviting other T Trak groups into the layout and may end up with two layouts. This is kind of an experiment in which we can see how a larger T Trak show can go without the hassle of truck or trailer rental. We also can just go home after teardown instead of going to unload then drop off a truck. We are not giving up on N Trak. But T Trak gives us a opportunity do more and smaller shows.


Happy Railroading





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